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Font.Community building a decentralised font marketplace owned by community that allows it's content creators to gain the full value of their contribution and participations.

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The platform faciliates users to buy and sell fonts.

Transfer Ownership

Facility for creators to transfer the ownership of their font to anyone.

Borrow Money

Font owners can borrow money against their font.

Tokenize fonts

Creators can split the font ownership as share and start selling to the community.

Earn Interest

Font owners can lend their font to earn interest.

Font Mining

When a creator creates a font, he earns $FONT.

Raise Funds

Raise funds for you next amazing fontw.

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Open, Transparent & Secure with Ethereum blockchain.

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Sell your fonts in Font.Community and reach 1000s of buyers, speculators and promoters. Also earn $FONT coins.